Managing Too Much Milk (TMM)

So, you have determined that you have an oversupply problem. Let’s figure out how to make this a little bit better.TMM Problem #1: The Drowning BabyTMM Tip #1: Before getting baby on the boob, tuck a burp cloth into your bra to catch the drips....more

Demand, Then Supply (a.k.a. Use It or Lose It)

So, here’s how milk-making boobs work:Your body starts making colostrum in the last few months of pregnancy.  It is sitting there, ready to go, just waiting for baby to be born.Your baby eats colostrum for the first three days or so. Colostrum is small in quantity, thick ,and super duper nutritious and usually all baby needs for the first three days....more

Feeling a Little Low? Boosting Milk Supply

Feeling like your milk supply is a little low? Here are a few ways to give your milk a boost!Reasons to be concerned about a low supply and to schedule a Lactation Consultation:...more

Addendum to The Boob Rules

Addendum to The Boob Rules (4 weeks and older)Addendum to The Boob Rules (to be implemented after baby is 4 weeks old)There are the hard and fast breastfeeding rules:#1 Feed the Baby ...more