Back to Normal in a House Full of Aspies

This blog is a continuations of our adventures in the snowicane of 2010. For part I!BF70F135A8FDB728!497.entry ...more

This Mommy Brain is gonna kill someone

OK, so just now it came to my attention ,as I actually have 5 minutes to think, that I have not shaved my legs for 3 days because I dropped my Gillette and it shattered into a thousand little pieces.By the way,just a little secret, a Hispanic girl cannot be running around town with no razor because you know what that means...there's a damn hairy woman on the loose!...more

I think I might be one of those "special" mommys too. Yikes! Hang in ...more

From Hell to Help

Almost on a daily basis we read in the paper or hear on the television about a child with autism who has been abused or even killed when restraints have been applied. Then in the alternative you read or hear about an autistic child who fights back from being restrained (would you allow someone to sit on you or hold you down or put you in a straight jacket willingly, so why should any autistic child?) and has been arrested by the local police....more

Max's Blog: Thank you

My last day with my owners and loved ones January 8th 2010 6:53 pm ...more

It's so hard to lose our animal companions. And hard for me to read your posts. My cats lived ...more

Redefining the word "wife"

The word "friend" has been so tainted by frenemies, rotating BFF's and being able to defriend with a click of a mouse that we now need a new term for our closest friends and allies: wives. Christine Bronstein and Christina Friedman have created a website for women that provides social networking, discussions about relevant topics and information about women's issues in the news....more

On Losses And Gains...

I was trying to find the right way to express myself this morning and realized I couldn't call up the right words. It wasn't that I don't know them, it's that my memory seems to be fuzzy. I had an idea that I was 'off' when I went to take a shower, my first in 3 days, and I left my glasses on. I guess it was the better to see myself. Or, it could be that pesky memory thing again. ...more

How Years of Educational Support Have Made a Young Lady a Shining Star

With my friends blessing and permission, I would like to share briefly the story of her daughter's academic journey from the time she started nursery school to the present. ...more

Impact of Arthritis on Intimate Relationships

Impact of RA on Intimate Relationships ...more