Good Luck to all of you NaBloPoMoers!

I just wanted to wish everyone taking part in NaBloPoMo good luck! ...more

Don't Give Up

I know I said I was only going to post Christmas-related pieces this month but this is too significant for me to pass by unnoticed. As I have often said, I started this blog to share my experiences of depression, in the hope that this would be helpful to other sufferers. Amazingly - to me, anyway - it has been, and many have told me this. So, especially for those who also suffer from this dreadful illness, I wanted to share here a post I made to Facebook friends on Monday:...more

People, Some Of Them I Wonder About

        I gave Murphette a dead line she need to be out of here by and her mail not coming to my address. Which is Tuesday the 24th.I let her plug in from my shop/garage a few days during the week. So in hope she can take care of her business. Not watching movies and playing games on her computerWhich I'm doubting she even trying. One of those people who drags things out to last dog is hung.Came home from work and saw her plug in. I said "what the fuck is Murphette doing here"....more

Supporting Those Who Struggle

This past month we discussed many different mental health concerns as well as some shadows that people may struggle with. Today I want to give you five tips that can potentially be used to support people with any mental health illness or struggle.Do your research.Find out as much as you can about what the person is going through. Understanding the situation often helps when it comes to supporting the struggling individual. Find out what it is like to be in their shoes, what symptoms to look for and what things can act as triggers and make things worse....more

A Dozen Disrupted

A dozen roses appeared on my dining room table from someone who loves me. He knows that during the tiring times with my work schedule, little cheers me up more than flowers.After weeks of a busy time, seeing many, many people who need your help to move forward in their lives, a dozen cheers in yellow can put a smile on your face....more

I'm Struggling

I am struggling!!! Do you ever want to shout it at the top of your lungs?? It's alright, we all feel that way. Watch the video to learn about what I'm struggling with. Share what's going on for you too.  www.bethsblueprint.com

A Breath Of Fresh Air

"Often It Is The Deepest Pain, Which Empowers You To Grow Into Your Highest Self." - Karen Salmansohn...more

Finding Your Tribe

Do you have all the support you need in each area of your life?  If so, consider yourself lucky.  Support from our family, friends, colleagues, spiritual advisors, and health and fitness teams helps us to be our best, to achieve our goals and to have satisfying relationships.  If you have ever been supported in your goals, you know ...more