So much for being supportive.....

So much for being supportive.....   I was under the assumption that a support group was to support? I mean, am I wrong in that thinking? I won't name names, because even though I want too, I am an adult, and throwing people under a bus isn't so cool to me. (damn being a grown up anyway!) However, I will say it was a local autism support group....more

Tending to Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

 I am very settled back into life here. I am co-facilitating a weekly support group for women who have been sexually abused as children. March 16 I will offer a retreat for abuse survivors. More to come on that. This is redeeming work for me. It means that I can give back some of what I have been given in terms of healing. To decide to do the work of healing from childhood sexual abuse takes courage. I am in awe of these women as they persist in their healing work. Life is so sweet on the other side, but hell while you are in the trenches. I care about this issue very much....more
Hi Barbara, it is nice to read something from you again. You've been gone a while but have been ...more

Give Me the Endurance to Get Through Today

"I can't do it anymore" were the first words my friend stated when I answered the phone this week.There comes a time for many of us going through a divorce when you just want to throw in the towel, leave your life behind and go on a month long vacation. As appealing as it sounds, it's just not practical and you know it.So what do you do?...more

Tears from the sky

Nine weeks ago I drove to my first bereavement group session.  It was pouring rain.  Rain came down harder than I think I’ve ever seen it do before.   Wet drops pummeled my car and I knew I would be drenched the moment I got out of my car and ran for the door.  I’d almost say it was foreshadowing of what lay ahead.  I didn’t realize what was bottled up inside of me until I entered this group....more

What Type of Exerciser Are You?

What kind of exerciser are you? Take this handy quiz to find out (I love quizzes!) ...more

Single Mom Destiny

Single mothers have been the cornerstone of society for ages. However, the stigma imposed on them has compromised society’s support of them through the years.  People tend to judge more than offer resources.   But women raising children alone is a reality for countless women.  Those families need the support of a caring community so that the children can grow and thrive. ...more

Caregivers need support too!

Is there help for caregivers?   Caregivers need help and support.   ...more

Just wanted to pass on this info.

 The Well Spouse Association (more

Launching the One Voice Project

When Peyton was first diagnosed with Leukemia, we were encouraged to stay away from playing “Dr. Google”. The nurses told us that it would only scare us more than we were, they handed us a book that was written some 15 years ago, and left us to our own devices….which of course included playing Dr. Google. ...more

Early Stage Alzheimer's Support

Most of what people think about Alzheimer's disease focuses on the long-term course of the disease. However, in the early stages, people have only mild memory loss and confusion.  People diagnosed early in the course of the disease rarely have opportunities to get their questions and concerns addressed.  This is the time to join a support network; whether it is a social network over the internet, ...more