Surgery Taught Me A Lesson In Humility

 When you do your pre-op visits and your doctor goes over the chances of X, Y, and Z happening to you, in the back of your mind you think that is for his other patients and not you. Then after your surgery that went so well the X, Y, and sometimes Z does happen....more


I'm scared. I'm scared of the unknown. I'm scared of change, and I'm scared of things staying the same.  Today, just a few hours after this post is published, I'll be sitting in a doctor's office. A new doctor - one of many who I've seen for my back / hip / leg pain.  ...more

it was supposed to be simple

The brochure on myringotomy provided by the ear, nose, and throat specialist outlined what to expect before, during, and after ear tube placement. Geared towards parents, the pamphlet’s cover featured a boy, hooked up to an IV, smiling up at his dad and surgeon....more


When I called the ENT’s office for the eighth time in ten days to find out the results of the CT scan, the receptionist didn’t have to ask for Peter’s date of birth.“Oh, yes, let me pull his file.” For the first time in eight calls, she had an update.She read from his chart, “This says your husband has a cholesteatoma. Surgery in a tertiary care center will be required.” Her voice trailed off. “Let me find the nurse to explain this to you.”...more

Into the Darkness, Retinal Surgery and God

Two months ago God provided me with some sudden "down time". I experienced an abrupt detachment of my retina, a rare thing to happen, yet I am used to rare occurrences. (Perhaps I will post that List some day.)  Through such events God has drawn me to Him in ever increasing closeness.  ...more

I Am Having Back Surgery, Here's How I Plan To Nourish Myself

I am having back surgery.Even writing that seems a bit unreal. Just the words "back surgery" have a larger than life feeling about them, something other people do, older people. A year ago I could not have come to face the fact that surgery was going to be in my future but another year of pain wore me down. I have run out of treatment choices. The verdict? Live with the pain or take the chance on surgery....more

10 Thing No One Tells You About Your Husband Losing 100+ Pounds

Recently, Christian Coleman posted an article on the Good Men Project on June 1, 2014 entitled “7 Things No One Tells You About Losing 100 Pounds.” While some of Coleman’s experiences are familiar, many are not. His views are those of a young man; where weight was lost via exercise and diet. Medical intervention was unnecessary and sweating was plentiful. Kudos to Coleman for his willingness to share his unique observations, thus far undetected by mass media and society in general. However, in my view, there is more to be said on this issue from a different perspective. ...more

Can You Find My Chic?

 I read recently that France has lost its chic. Its je ne sais quoi. Their President is out of control....more

No. It Can't be That Part I

 Sadly, we're back from Italy and back to real life. Which for me includes hip surgery, for the 2nd time. Actually, for the 3rd and 4th time since I had both hips operated on about three years ago. They won't do them at the same time so it was two separate go rounds, three months apart....more

The Boy Who Bounces Back

Yesterday, Jax had surgery. We knew it was a complex procedure, but we weren't really prepared for what came next...After 4 hours of surgery, the doctor came and gave us report: "This was not the easiest job I've ever done. I had to do a skin graft.  Jax has 1000 tiny, internal stitches."Our jaws hit the floor. 1000 stitches?...more
Denise I know, right?! Incredible! And he somehow still has a smile on his face.more