Ryan's Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Superbowl Sunday!A month or so ago, I decided that I must throw my husband a surprise 27th birthday party and last night I actually pulled it off! Luckily Ryan had a busy week with work so I was able to pre-make buffalo roll ups, a chocolate cake, and banana bread for the weekend. I hid beer and some take and bake pizzas in the garage because it was cold enough. I also hid some happy birthday signs, cups, plates etc....more

My Super Special Secret Saturday Surprise

My husband occasionally likes to be slightly romantic, and he plans what he calls 'Super Special Secret Saturday Surprises'. He plans an entire day out and doesn't tell me what we will be doing or where we will be going.The first time he did this, he took me to Warwick Castle. Despite his best efforts to keep it a secret, the Tom Tom gave away our destination about half way there. I was still so excited though, as Warwick had been on the top of my 'to see' castles list for awhile....more

Fly away with me

Is what my hubby asked me to do a couple of weeks ago.  ...more

apple of my eye

 I was annoyed.  Here we were on a budget and my husband was off buying random things for his computer.  Didn’t he understand I’d see the bill?  Didn’t he get it that we are trying to be frugal?  The conversation went something like this:“I see you bought something at the apple store,” I said.  I was scrubbing food off plates after dinner.“Huh?”  He looks up at me from his magazine, looking empty and confused....more

The Gift of Full Frontal Nudity

My own housein precious preschool hours.Space for silence...for shaving...for solitude. For warm,scented spray,unsullied bysudden movementof tiny bowels. Stepping outForgot my underwearAll aloneNo matter. Picture window.Broad daylight.Merry Christmas,Mr. UPS Man. Originally published on Periphery, December 20, 2011....more
LOL! I may have done to a neighbor once...more

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)...more

Front Page News

All on the front page of our local newspaper –the joyful birth of a New Year’s Day baby, the tragic death of a young father, and the continued tradition of generosity of a down-to-earth, locally focused senior couple. My emotions go up, down, up again and then leave me feeling slightly melancholy. It’s as if my heart can’t settle into position....more


As I promised myself, on the first day of this New Year I opened my heart to settle on one clear intention, one I would quickly take steps to follow through on in order to bring it to reality. It came to me swiftly and with complete clarity: I will write another book this year....more

Best Husband Award

Life is moving at warp speed. Or if you prefer it in "Spaceballs" terms, "We've gone to plaid." A friend of mine told me yesterday that it only goes faster as you get older. I'm not sure, at this moment, how that's possible. If that is so, I hope the extra work, speed, busyness starts to show in a decrease in my hips....more

Surprise! What ever happened to the element of?

What ever happened to the element of surprise?  On one occasion I went shopping (some call them errands) for my kiddies. The first stop was to Party City buy an afro so that my 10-year old could dress-up like the semi-pro basketball players with his gaggle of friends. While there, I grabbed some "blinged" out jewels for my 7-year who insists on being a DJ/Rapper for Halloween.  Next stop (errand number two) was Daffy's in hopes of scoring a pair of black boots for the soon-to-be DJ/Rapper....more