I Ruin My Own Surprises

I always check Google Maps before we go anywhere, even if I don’t need directions, just so I know exactly how long the ride is predicted to take. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t care. He says, “I bought the ticket, I’m taking the ride and it’s out of my control. ...more

God Uses Fortune Cookies

    Sometimes I think we put God in a box.  We have an expectation of who he is, how he works, what he does or does not do.   Our past, our lives, our parents, churches, philosiphies, denominations, convictions, experiences, everything comes together to create the image of God we have.  Sometimes though, I think God likes to surprise us.  He likes to catch us off guard.  It makes sense,  when Jesus came he completely turned upside down everything that everyone thought was "religion."   He taught things that were contrary to many re...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 40 – Surprises

I am thankful for surprisesThis is on my mind today (at 12:09 am!) because my husband is in Newfoundland.  But in a few hours he is getting up at some unearthly hour to fly home, pick Poppet and me up and head to some top-secret destination.  You see, tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary....more

Prowler Power

Normally, when we come home from dinner out with friends, my husband, Marc, and I are usually tired so we head directly up to our bedroom and watch a little TV.   We never decide to start and watch a movie.  The other night was different.  As soon as we walked into the house, Marc said to me, “I don’t feel like lying down.  Let’s watch that new DVD.”   And, rather than first going upstairs to change out of his clothes and brush his teeth, he just plopped himself down on the couch....more

we just let them think that... It is all part of our master plan (insert evil grin)more

That man of mine.

I really wondered if I would come back here and blog, or if it would be a one time thing, and then Friday happened. My husband,Ken,surprised me. In a big way. See, our anniversary is coming up on May 18. We will have been married for 20yrs. I know you are saying,"Wow, she looks so young, how can she have been married for 20yrs!" Well, in my mind you are saying that. Anyway, Friday started out as a regular day. Take kids to school, drink some coffee, shower. Then Ken told me to get ready, pack a bag for overnight and we were leaving. We don't ever go anywhere overnight....more

Lowering the Bar: Fewer Expectations & Finding the Positive

Date Night Last night DH and I had a date night and went to dinner....more

How I know My Husband Loves me (still)....


Surprises are Better Than Promises


Thank you for your comment, Dgray. I'm sorry that you struggle a bit with your daughter in ...more