The Linemen

I’ve been trying to find a job in Chicago for several months. I’ve truly enjoyed traveling there and taking in the culture while writing.  It’s similar to my hometown, yet still different enough to make the trips exciting – and perhaps, seem more like a vacation than anything.  Especially when meeting the neighborhood at the local tavern. ...more
Creepy!  I'd say that any drunken man who dances about with a knife is NOT to be trusted!more

Muslim Students Call NYPD Monitoring “Violation” of Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union and the New York Civil Liberties Union say they are considering possible litigation against the New York Police Department over their surveillance and monitoring of Muslim student groups across the Northeast. The groups are calling on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to investigate religious and racial profiling by the NYPD, and Muslim students attending CUNY, one of 13 schools targeted, say they applaud the group’s efforts....more

A man beats a 16-year-old girl over who was 1st in line

What kind of man would beat a 16-year-old girl, just to get ahead in a fast food line? ...more

Obama compromise on FISA worries some supporters

Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a "compromise" version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that gives the President additional authority to conduct surveillance on American citizens while providing immunity to telecommunications companies that have cooperated with previous Bush administration warrantless surveillance efforts. The bill goes to the Senate for a vote this week. Sen. ...more

You know, I buy what he says about how the bill is better than it was and how the necessity ...more

Technology, Accountability, and Stalker Parents in K-12: Who's Enabling Whom?

Graycie at Today's Homework and Ms. Cornelius of A Shrewdness of Apes wrote this week about "stalker moms," a K-12 variant of the college-age student's "helicopter parent." In a comment, Ms. C mentions she keeps an online gradebook, which prompts e-mails such as "Deer Teechur: Pweshus told me he gave you that assignment. Please change the zero in the gradebook immediately." I got three of those last week. In the same thread, roller coaster teacher reported, "My team opted for online grades 3 years ago, and that got old fast, so we opted out. Some team teachers got so fed up, they won't even keep a web page for assignments anymore." Even teachers who are technophiles often feel overwhelmed by all the technological choices, which too soon become reponsibilities, then burdens. Take, for example, Jane Nicholls, who studies the effects of Web 2.0 tools on oral literacies. In a post simply titled Troubled," she explains why she needs to "reboot." ...more