The Ultimate Chicken Pox Survival Guide!

We’ve been blighted!! Chicken pox has struck Sprout’s House!! We awoke on Thursday morning to find that Sprout had a couple of red patches on her face....more

ugly duckling


7 essentials for a survival kit

If you were out in the middle of nowhere for three days or stuck at home due to man made or natural disaster, what would you need to survive? Here are numerous items that are essential for survival. Keep in mind this is a basic list that might be proactively packed in a “go bag” or in a big plastic tub to keep at work or in your home or car. Each category and item can be significantly expanded upon and researched by Googling the key word....more

The Essential Holiday Survival Guide

Christmas is a fantastic time of year to get together with family and friends and just enjoy the festivities.I, for one, need a little bit of motivation to get through things like the preparation, the present buying and even the in-laws!...more
I am eagerly waiting for Christmas holidays. I have so many plans this time for myself. Willing ...more

Sunday Reflections: Anniversary of My Failed Suicide

This Sunday is an ordinary Sunday. It will start by hearing two little people talk and giggle as they wake up and crawl into each other’s beds, where they will lay there and read books for a while. The dog, downstairs, will take umbrage at the intrusion of the Sunday paper and the newsboy – forever terrified of the sound of the dog – will run after he stuffs the paper through the mail slot, unaware of the fact the nicest dog in the world isn’t grumpy with him, just with affront of the newspaper....more
Wow, thank you. This moved me tremendously.more

Where I Am

Where have I been, you ask?  Continuing my journey, I suppose.  The quiet, hybernative phase of my journey- just one of many....more
I enjoyed reading your writing.  Even though you are dealing with pain and difficulties your ...more

What if I'd Said...Just Drive

I had a recurring nightmare as a child:  It started with my brother and me in a parking lot in my mother’s Pink Panther Pink ’69 Mustang convertible with a white rag top and a rumble seat instead of a trunk.  A limited number of them had been produced by Ford for the county Blossom Time Festival parade to carry all the community queens.  The particular parking lot we were in, however, was outside a crumbling brick building in a rather questionable area of a southwest Chicago suburb, near where we lived for a couple of years when I was in elementary school.  My mom was a ...more

Survival Kits for New Moms, College Students, Fantasy Football Wives, and Your Plain and Simple Apocalypse

I am not an alarmist by nature. I do not fear using public restrooms or flying on an airplane. I’m actually fairly good at responding in a time of crisis. I do not overreact or allow my emotions to control everything. Although I can be emotional, especially when it comes to my children, my husband’s obsession with fantasy football, or certain shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (watching families collapsing in tears at the big reveal gets me every time)....more

Amazing Grace

I don't remember the exact details of her story but I will never forget the lesson of it....more
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.more

Magnificent Monday - Aahh, She Survived

Magnificent Monday- we learned how to push her tongue out of the way and just like that, aahh, she survived....more