Survivor's Log

I am NOT a Survivor

I am not a survivor....more

What's in a Bugout Bag

There’s a name for the survival sack that you take with you outdoors in the event of survival emergency: bugout bag.Let’s start with the key components to net a three-day survival:...more

How to store Water for Survival

What do you really know about water storage? Below you’ll find information that you probably never even thought of before, or information that contradicts what you’ve always believed to be correct....more

Using a knife for survival

An article at informs on how to use a knife safely and efficiently for survival.Safety...more

Survival is about being Persistent

“Survivor.” What comes to mind when you see or hear this word? A victim of a disease or of a perverted crime? A TV show? We’re all survivors in that every day, we do something to stay alive—life-saving things we don’t even think about as life-saving, such as eating healthy and exercising. People die every day from killing themselves with food....more

My first ever blog attempt

Hello world.  This is the first ever blog in my life.  I am a 38 year old mother from Africa with a lot to say about everything.  But, how do you survive your first ever blog post online - EVER.I don't know :-) I guess you just go for it.  Say something.  Its ok if you do not know....more

Going to Plan B for Survival

If your “Plan A” for survival sinks, do you have a Plan B backup?Forget rushing to the grocery store when disaster like a snowstorm strikes. Everyone else will have the same idea. Need I say more?...more

The Ultimate Chicken Pox Survival Guide!

We’ve been blighted!! Chicken pox has struck Sprout’s House!! We awoke on Thursday morning to find that Sprout had a couple of red patches on her face....more