A Single Girl's Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time for many singles. Invites to parties are rolling in and dates are scarce, the weather is getting crisper and you're sans a snuggle partner, and the impending familial gatherings often come with a grande relationship status inquisition. It is the season to be merry, but the reality is that many are not when faced with circumstances that veer far from your (or other's) expectations. ...more
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Single & Over 40: Holiday Self-Esteem Survival Tips

Winter holidays not only raise questions about our diets and our pocketbooks, they beg the question about our socialability and popularity compared to others, and about the degree of love we have in our lives, often with dire results. For over-40 single people who may not have a great love in our lives, who may be juggling family responsibilities against a desire for fun, and who are regretfully all too aware that bare little black dress is going to highlight the crepe-y, wrinkled flesh on our upper arms, holidays can be a nightmare. ...more