A Survival Guide for the Unemployed Spouse

Whether you relocated for love, got laid off, or got a pink slip, this article is just for you. At one point in my life, I was one of 9.8 million people who were unemployed and married. I took the risk of giving up my career, comfortable living, and steady paycheck for love and marriage....more
SamanthaLily You are welcome! It is tough to find stable employment when you are relocating ...more

Finally Laughing at Ourselves!

I just laughed out loud, by myself, for the first time....in years! It was fabulous! I feel so much better about life, myself, and basically most everything else. I’m not even high!...more

Hunker Down Or Bug Out?

Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Survive the Apocalypse

I made a mistake last night. A big one. I watched Countdown to Apocalypse: Maya Messengers on the History Channel. In case I didn’t have enough to worry about, I am now officially in freak-out mode....more
Don't freak out! NASA isn't. It's just good TV. ...more