Surviving vs. Thriving….There are times in life where one goes into Survival mode and it is a necessary mode to get through difficult times…Survival Mode is not normally where a person is making the choices they truly would desire if circumstances were different and better. Many options are not the ones one would choose up front in Survival Mode....more

Surviving Old Age: Part One.

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Happy Partying: Even the Shy Can Survive!

If someone says PARTY, I am there! I love getting together with old friends and making new ones, when I can.But while I am confident enough to move to the middle of the room and chitchat with anyone or everyone, I know that some people have a harder time being social without feeling anxious. Not everyone is an extrovert, some people prefer smaller social settings to larger ones and when they are put in a large social setting, they freeze....more
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The feared D word

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The "B" Side of Life

I recently went to my hair stylist, Gordon, as I have done every 5 weeks for 15 years. I wrote about Gordon previously after he was a survivor of the Salon Meritage massacre in October.  Gordon is an amazing person who has recently experienced far more tragedy in his life than he – or anyone – should have to endure. As we were talking about how he is getting through this uncomfortable and confusing time he said this:...more

Surviving Time

Time has a funny way of fixing things. Over time, pain is forgotten, the bad times of the past are blurred, fear evaporates leaving only residue, and only the fading scars are left....more

remembering to never forget

I just realized that I am looking foreword to tomorrow. There is nothing special planned for tomorrow, nothing to set it apart from any other day. But... that just made this realization all that much more powerful.  I have a life I am actually looking foreword to. No matter the off days I might have, majority rules...I am H A P P Y.   It wasnt but months ago I was crying myself to sleep at night and dreading the tomorrows. Always worried about how I was going to wake up and sometimes IF I was going to wake up....more

Christmas After a Miscarriage

It was at that same 8-week appointment, nearly two years before, that we had heard the the first sounds of life from our beautiful Katherine. After a year of trying to get pregnant, finally hearing her heartbeat made her so real, so completely ours. And as we sat, in that very same room, we were thrilled to have her with us as we prepared to hear her sibling's heartbeat for the first time. ...more
I know your pain too. Many, many years ago I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy on Christmas ...more