What Falling Up The Stairs at the Movies Taught Me

Tonight I went to see Ted with my friend who has requested I use the pseudonym Big Booty Judy when writing about her. (I am amused, but haven't decided if I can separate its porn connotation.) Consider this post a trial period....more

The Top 10 Things Coaching Marketers and Training Schools Won’t Tell You

Kathy CaprinoThis week, I had a fabulous conversation with Starla Sireno – Founder of www.Fearlessnessinc.com and the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network – an empowering forum for women entrepreneurs in San Francisco and beyond, providing the knowledge and support women need to become fearless entrepreneurs. ...more

As someone who has invested considerable time in understanding and learning about marketing, I ...more

My 52 Mistakes (How I’m Turning My Mess into a Message Every Day)

Bottom line – “Embracing and loving who I am and what I’ve done is not a fixed state – it’s a long work in progress.”As many of my friends know, I’ve immersed myself in a 9-year life reinvention, and shifted from a miserable and chronically ill corporate professional to an author, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur who absolutely loves what she does for a living and what she’s focused on, despite the enormous challenges....more


Ms. ...more