Could You Survive on Survivor?

Do you have a Survivor personality? I'm referring to the long-running CBS TV reality program that airs on Thursday nights. I confess one of my guilty pleasures has been watching the show since it first premiered in the summer of 2000. To this day, I think the very first season is still the best one. Watching the show always makes me wonder if I could possibly withstand the rigors of such a difficult challenge. Would I be the first to go? Would my tribe cut me some slack? Would my winning personality help me form successful alliances?...more

I'm with you on the baby boomer show.

This season too many from the sunny,does this ...more

Surviving on $20 for 20 Days: A Lesson in Life & Food

Last week, MommyQ came across an interesting story about a college student at University of Texas who is trying to prove that $20 is a decent amount of money. David Lee, a senior at UT and an advertising major, decided to see if he could exist on $20 worth of food for 20 days. He got the idea from a contest being hosted by UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?’ First, the serious points… ...more

A Taste of Single Motherhood

I spent the last three weeks getting a taste of what it would be like to be a single parent.  My husband had to go on a three-week business trip - something that rarely happens in our relationship.  Three weeks seemed like a long time.  I know, for you single moms and super moms out there, three weeks is child’s play.  Although I was raised by a single parent, we were surrounded by family members who could pitch in instantly.  Today many families are miles away from the nearest relative.  We rely on the good will of friends and a sitter when we can afford it.  As a mother who works fu ...more

Single parent or not you are a super mom because you do what you have to do to make sure your ...more