For Family and Friends of Abuse Survivors

How are you supporting the abuse survivor in your life?Really think about that for a moment. Perhaps you support them in your heart, but do they know that? Do they feel your support? If yes, are you sure?...more

Loving a Predator: What It’s Like to Have a Child Molester In Your Family

I’m not going to name any names. I won’t even get specific enough in this post that those who know me will know automatically about whom I speak. The reality is, those closest to me already know. This isn’t an attempt to “out” anyone as this person has already been outed several years ago....more

To the Victims of Sandusy

To the Victims of Sandusky,...more

Stuart Smalley, Grey Hair, and a Promise

The morning was typical with the exception that M got up.  He usually gets up in the morning, but not during the time I am supporting the girls in their independent efforts of getting ready for school.  I was pleased to see him earlier than expected.  Me: "Good morning!  You're up!"M: passive aggressive commentMe: "What?  What do you mean?"...more
thank-you when I share what I have been through, I talk, alot. I'm glad you can feel the Spirit ...more