The Pink Ribbon

A while ago, quite a few people were angered by the actions of the Susan G. Komen foundation.  I saw numerous posts saying people would no longer support them and I understand that sentiment.However, use of the pink ribbon on products in October is not limited to just the Susan G. Komen foundation.  If you choose not to support one organization or another, always check the package before you purchase....more
@Kraken I figured a gentle reminder couldn't hurt!!  It's easy to make the assumption that the ...more

Susan G. Komen: Shame on Me, I Didn't Do My Research

My involvement with breast cancer fundraising goes back a long time.  Twelve years ago I trained extensively and raised more than id="mce_marker"2,000 to take part in two consecutive 3-Day walks in Los Angeles -- trekking 60 miles from Santa Barbara to Malibu....more

under the pink

I know women who have had abortions. I know women who got pregnant as teenagers and decided to keep and raise their children. I know women who are now moms because the birth mother gave their child up for adoption. I know women who have used birth control to combat acne, irregular periods, searing cramps, and chronic tension headaches.There is a difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion....more

Why I Will Fight for Susan G. Komen: A Survivor's Perspective

Five years ago in August, I took off my bra and felt a lump on my right breast. I wasn't a regular self examiner, so I wasn't sure if it was just a fibroid because my breasts are dense and lumpy and I've felt things before. But for some reason this seemed different to me. I asked my hubby to take a look and a feel and tell me what he thought. His face said it all. "You should go get that checked out right away."...more
@ANDREA42 Thank you so much Andrea, and nice to meet you! This month, I am a five year survivor. ...more

Planned Parenthood and Susan G Komen - the Politics of Women's Health

The decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to withdraw its support of Planned Parenthood has caused quite an uproar among those both for and against the foundation’s action. The general consensus of the pro-life group is that Planned Parenthood funds abortions, and therefore should not be supported in any way by Susan G. Komen or any other organization – or the government, for that matter....more

Real men wear pink

What started as a grassroots campaign to support an assistant football coach and his cancer-stricken wife two years ago has blossomed into a yearly show of resolve at Oregon's Tigard High School to fight breast cancer. ...more

Where Does Planned Parenthood Provide Mammograms?

If you haven't seen the latest Live Action video about Planned Parenthood, take a few minutes to watch it. They shred the last remnant of respect that Planned Parenthood appears to have....more

Sounds to me like you're the one misleading people. I will now unsubscribe from your blog. tsk tskmore

Save a little, save a life

Save a little, save a life

You've Been Dressed: The Sophisticated Minx

For the month of July I am donating 50% of my net online jewelry proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help in the fight against Breast Cancer. In honor of my Fundraiser I am dressing some of my readers and friends, virtually that is, to give everyone a giggle. Now, don't get me wrong, these gals don't need any help in this department, especially not from the likes of me. This is for entertainment purposes only, and it is for a good cause. ...more