Why Do Republicans Keep Picking on Susan Rice?

I have watched with bewilderment as Republicans ratchet up their attacks on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.To be sure, Congress should investigate what happened in Benghazi. After all, four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens who reportedly had expressed concern about the “security vacuum” around the consulate....more
Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell wasn't hauled before Congress to answer ...more

North Korean Rocket Launch Challenges Obama and UN Leadership

North Korea made good on its announced intentions to launch a rocket believed capable of carrying long-range missiles this weekend, defying  a 2006 UN Security Council resolution banning its use of nuclear or ballistic missile weaponry. Despite a call for a "strong response" from Pres. ...more

Meet the New Power Women: A Guide to Obama's Transition

Only three days after Election Day, the news is filled with initial meetings of our President-elect's advisers; Mix couldn't help zeroing in on the numerous midlife women included in the new inner circles.  (Hardcore wonks can play along by downloading whats available at presidentialtransition.gov).  It's been eight years since we has such a new slate of advisors to look at, and ponder what their role will be in the changes afoot. ...more