More Mending and Making Do!

Dad recalls all kinds of slogans from the war and post-war years. "Make Do and Mend" was one of them. [E....more

Introducing Wegman's

Laine, Elaine S. Griffin, from Elaine Griffin Designs, and I should really do a commercial for Wegman's.She lives in New York State like I used to and New York is the land of Wegman's. Or at least it was. There was a long time that Wegman's was only in  New York, but now they have branched out to spread their goodness over six states including, New York Pennsylvania Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts....more
@KarenLynnn Karen Lynn! I absolutely CANNOT wait. Woo-Woo!more

Chipotle's Farm Ad: Pros and Cons

Chipotle Mexican Grill ran a doozy of a commercial during the Grammy Awards - it's been two weeks and it's still buzzing. The company went all out for its' first national ad buy, a two-minute spot during which it screened a short film celebrating sustainable agriculture. ...more
If a simple commercial can make people at least think about and be aware of the fact that there ...more

The 2012 Farm Bill: Why You Should Care

I had been planning to write about the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill but I was somewhat saddened that it did not receive any discussion on the CtS FB Page nor on Twitter. This is an important issue that is going to be hitting the U.S. at a tumultuous political time. We need to start thinking about it and talking about it now. ...more
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Welcome to the "Best of Motherly Law" Week!

As previously mentioned, I have declared this "the best of" week. So, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, you will find posts from previous weeks that have been voted the best of Motherly Law. Thanks to all the loyal readers who participated in the survey last week. I really appreciate you taking the time to take the survey. I also value the feedback you all provided through your answers, and am glad that you are enjoying the posts and getting something out of the Motherly Law....more

Learning Where My Food Comes From: A Field Trip to Straus Dairy Farm

After reading Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma and seeing the film, Food Inc., I added "Visit farms and ranches where my food comes from" to my ongoing, never-ending "To Do" list. And the task sat there. And sat there. Until a couple of incidents spurred me to get serious. First, reading about the very sad fate of male chicks to which I have been inadvertently contributing even though I buy Certified Humane eggs and second, seeing how much fun Colin Beavan had visiting a local farm in the film No Impact Man. How many of us really understand how our food is produced? Labels on meat and dairy products are full of pictures of happy animals in beautiful rustic settings with plenty of space to roam and be free. But is that the truth? And how can we make decisions about what food products are healthy, sustainable, and in line with our values if we don't have complete information and may not even know what our values are?...more

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Room and Board

Hello, out there. I'm attempting to set up a blog called "Room and Board." Primarily planning to focus on issues related to room (home), board (food), and room and board (travel and places). I'll also probably go off on a lot of tangents related to all the tags I've chosen. Not sure if I'm doing this the right way. I'm finding to be a little less intuitive than ...more

Happy Pig? Lucky Pig.

Growing up a city girl in Los Angeles, I was always fascinated by farms and orchards. I still have vibrant memories of picking pears and hunting rabbits in Antelope valley with my dad. Such a different world of nature than the manicured lawn of our home in the city. In our hectic modern lives we don't often stop to think where are food comes from. Who grew this tomato? Where did this chicken live, and how was it (she) housed? ...more

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make sure you saw the important follow-up to this topic that ...more