Soil, Not Dirt: How We Respect The Land

by Brittany Barton for Change Food, April 2016 Less than two percent of the population is responsible for feeding us. Farming is a costly and time consuming occupation and the majority of small farms bring in less than $250,000 per year....more

Blue Jeans Without the Bling...

I met my favorite farmer at a Dartmouth College fraternity party more than 22 years ago. No matter how many times they hear it, my daughters love listening to the story....more

Let's Grow Something

Do you ever have this really cool idea in your head and you get all excited about making it happen? Yeah, that's me... all the time...but instead of getting to the actual follow through, the idea most often falls into the cracks. It's like the time I decided I wanted to become a painter. I bought the supplies- paint, brushes, canvas, all of which have been sitting under my bed for three years now. Canvas, half-painted. Or the time that I was convinced that I would learn to play the piano. The keyboard, also under my bed, has very little wear on it from these fingers of mine....more

The Food Awakening

The Food Awakening ...more

Environmental Sustainability Needs All Smarts On Deck

My involvement in social media has taught me many things, but likely the most important lesson is what a huge role perception plays in "virtual conversations".  Over the past two years, I have achieved a tremendous amount of personal growth by being exposed to the truly broad range of ideas and thoughts of other bloggers.  ...more
@mrssharp If we look hard enough, I think that we can find some common ground.  I know that we ...more

Will the Supreme Court finally wrestle the Monsanto monster to the ground?

Today Abby Martin interviews Bill Freese, 'science policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, about the Supreme Court case between Monsanto and one Indiana farmer, and the implications this could have on international agro-business'...and even on every little farmer around the country like us on Higher Ground....more

Food Choices for a Healthier Planet

While I’ve always been interested in green living, I didn’t learn until just a few years ago how our food choices can have a big impact on the environment. For anyone out there who thinks sustainable living means wearing all-hemp outfits, going around with dirty hair, or just plain going without, this one’s for you. When it comes to food, what’s best for the planet just happens to be the best for our bodies and our taste buds....more
This is a great post! I grow a large organic garden and have been avoiding processed foods for ...more