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Going Vegan

I'm taking the plunge and going vegan, and I would like to share my reasons. You may have seen this post in which I discussed The China Study. I've since done some more research on the subject, and there is just no other decision I can make and still be the person I want to be, except to go vegan....more

Time for Spring Planting #1 of 5

NOW!?!? We have to start NOW!?! Post #1 of a series   For Post 2 click here    For Post 3 click hereYes! Now is the time to starting thinking aboutgerminating seeds indoors this spring. ...more Hi Robin: We live in Wake Forest, NC. For awhile, I worked in Durham in ...more

Thoughts on Hunting

I grew up on the East Coast, enjoyed most of my 20s in San Francisco, several years in D.C. and then on the Monterey Peninsula before landing in the Rocky Mountains; I’d have to say hunting was not something I thought much about. When our kids were little, we did not have any guns and frowned on play that involved shooting....more
Robin, so glad we are like-minded. I believe invaluable life lessons are learned outdoors. ...more

Gluttony for Good.

  'Tis the season to eat. Heartily....more

Girl Scouts Offer 'Locavore' Badges

Although I spent a decade as a Camp Fire Girl (we earned beads, not badges), I must applaud Girl Scouts of America for offering their 2.3 million troops the opportunity to earn a 'locavore' badge, stressing the importance of local food. The Girls Scouts, celebrating their 100-year-old birthday next year, launched the new badge on October 1. (They also added new badges for website design, financial literacy and entertainment technology.)...more
My daughter taught the daisy how to compost and how to build an organic garden.more

Food Day Monday October 24, 2011

I received an email from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today announcing “Food Day” which is Monday October 24, 2011.If you haven’t heard about it check out This is an event after my own heart! Involving all aspects of the food chain, health, education and government, asking for us to prepare a meal with local food and teach others how to cook the meal. “Food Day's goal is nothing less than to transform the American diet “ ...more
@BlogHerFood @cookingwithkary @gigabiting LOVE IT!! #foodday is going to be really exciting!more

7 Foods the Experts Won't Touch

image via Care2...more

Friday Finds - Farm to Fork

Organic... Natural... Eco Friendly......more

We're a Fast-Food Nation. But We Need to Slow Down.

We eat in our cars, at our desks, on the go, in front of the TV. We eat drive-through, take-out, delivered, packaged and prepared meals.We need to slow … down.Consumer trends around the globe show that over the past three decades people are purchasing more prepared foods at the grocery and eating out more. It’s projected that we’ll spend a record amount at restaurants in 2011. We’re consuming an increasing number of calories and bigger portions. Simultaneously, we’re getting less healthy....more
This is so true! I really try to plan ahead. Some Sundays during the school year are dedicated ...more