Feeding Body and Soul: How Growing Our Food Enhances Spirituality

I am what some would call a cradle Episcopalian.  I was raised a member of Bethesda By The Sea Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida; and have spent my adult life a part of the family of St. Christopher’s in Cozad, Nebraska....more

Why We Raise Our Own Meat

The more I learned about the way meat animals are raised here in the US, the less I liked it. Upon realizing the way animals are treated - raised in close quarters with tails or beaks cut off, unable to turn around, fed a constant stream of antibiotics and growth hormones, subsisting on diets that they did not evolve to eat - I knew I couldn’t support the industrial meat production system....more
I love the concept, although I don't know if I could name and then eat the animal that I know I ...more

Mangalitsa Pork: The Other Red Meat.

Exhibit A: The locally-sourced pork chop, here seen, pre-searing hot pan, pre-salty and herbed brine pot, and pre-pork coma that it put us in....more