Minivans vs SUVS: Are Automatic Doors Really Life-Changing?

My sister-in-law, recently in the market for a new vehicle, posed this question on her Facebook page: Leave me your opinions about minivans vs. SUVs.The response was shocking. More than 80 (!) posts came in from her friends and family touting the fabulousness of both minivans and SUVs....more
I ditched the minivan for a Subaru Forrester a decade ago. Sure the kids have to SIT NEXT TO ...more

We Didn't Even Have Windows That Rolled Down

Next week we are heading off to the Poconos for our last summer hoorah. I know, I myself can not even utter the word 'Poconos' without following it up with a slight internal belly laugh. My entire life, whenever I heard "The Poconos", all I could think of was the song that was sung in that super happy voice, something something, at the beautiful Mount Airy Lodge followed with a picture of the champagne glass bathtub for lovers, about 50 feet off the floor, right smack in the middle of the hotel room. ...more

Also looks a tad bit dangerous to me, but I'm the accident-prone ...more

its not easy being green

i have a confession. since moving to washington d.c. i sometimes indulge in long, unadulterated fantasies about my little red ford escape. i catch my mind wandering to those blissful collegiate days, when i had to walk a mere half mile to the parking lot at st. olaf college and put the keys in the ignition for instant transportation to such exotic locales as cub foods, target, or the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul. life was good. ...more

New Study Says SUVs Need Stronger Roofs

Original post: Do you feel safe in the event your SUV rolls over? When you look for a vehicle, do you think about roof strength as a safety issue? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does. In a recent report the Institute concludes that more than 200 deaths in 2006 could have been prevented with strong SUV roofs. Some automakers have insisted there’s no connection between roof strength and passenger safety. Wouldn’t basic physics make it fairly obvious that a stronger roof would be less likely to crush in a rollover accident? That seems pretty obvious to me. But there was no direct link until now. ...more