BlogHer Talks Sex on Lifetime's The Suzanne Show

So there I was, at an ungodly hour of the morning, sitting under the lights in hair & makeup while I was coiffed and airbrushed so I'd look a little more alive than I felt before the required three cups of coffee. Somehow, I wasn't nervous. I was about to sit down before Lifetime's audience with Suzanne Somers to talk about sex and I felt right at home. ...more
AV! When it's online somewhere, will you post a link? I'd love to see and cut cable.more

The "M WORD" Revisited

I am "revisiting" the "M WORD" (for those of you who have just started reading...menopause).  I am not "revisiting" the subject because I WANT to, but because apparently IT wants me to.  And if you don't know by now...That darn "M WORD" is going to have its way no matter WHAT YOU want to do (sigh...)!...more

Autism, Menopause and More: Should Celebrities Stick to Being Celebrities or is their Medical Advice Trustworthy?

Celebrities have long talked about their various opinions on health and medicine....more

This is something that infuriates me. I hate celebrities thinking they are the perfect ...more

Suzanne Somers

I have just finished watching Dateline which highlighted my idol in both her youth and her food.  I believe entirely in her moto of low glycemic foods in her fight to explain to us, that excess sugar is what creates and keeps us fat. As a diabetic I agree entirely with her on this subject....more

A Call to Gynecologists: Don't Let Menopausal Women Down

By Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen The following post first appeared on Dr. Allen's Huffington Post blog, as an urgent message to her fellow physicians. -- Ed....more

Interested in learning more? Dr. Lauren Streicher debunked more

Bio-Identical Hormone Viral Outbreak

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Oprah's Health Advice: Take it or leave it?

I'm not a lover (or a hater) of the Oprah Show, when she has something I'm interested in I watch, otherwise I don't. Since I write about health and wellness, I do tend to be more interested in her health related shows. Now there is a Newsweek article addressing her many controversial and sometimes misleading health related shows. No surprise, there are a lot of women blogging about whether or not Oprah's advice is good advice. ...more

I used to love Oprah and plan my day to watch ...more

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Gets the Oprah Treatment

Have you heard about the latest thing to help you manage menopause, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy!?! Can you hear the tiny bit of fake enthusiasm in my tone there? I hope so because people have been talking about BHRT for a good long time. Oprah didn't discover this treatment, but it sure seems like it the way everyone has started talking about it. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(420,630,549204,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more
Your post was refreshing, thank you for sharing! I know this post is a few years old, but hope ...more