Conflicted Summer

I had so many good intentions for this summer.I was going to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight along with read more, blog more, garden more......more
 @Linda Anselmi thanks Linda... I actually love the summer and could do without the rest of the ...more

I Accept Bad Luck Detective’s Challenge, With Smoking Guns!

With still smoking guns, I hereby accept Suzie Ivy’s (known as Bad Luck Detective in the blog-sphere world) “A Challenge to my BlogHer Friends”, and even if it is now four days later. Better late than never! Basically, she is asking to know “about me”, and this I here share with all that come to visit BlogHer. Not that there is much about me that is new to know; I mean, what haven’t I written in my blogs about me already!...more
 @Lucy's Reality  You are welcome, Lucy, and thank you for stopping by to visit!    :)more

What's Your Name For It?

I’m sorry for not including a picture in this post. I had one chosen but then changed my mind. It was so wrong.We have a grouchy mom at the police department. No, it isn’t me! She keeps us in line, buys us donuts (which I don’t need) and will even sew on a uniform patch if requested. Darla Newman is our champion and our worse critic. She drives us nuts but we love her....more
haha!  her tarantula was showing!  haha!! i love reading your stories Suzie!more

Also Known As - a.k.a.

In law enforcement, we run a criminal history search on all felony cases. When I see a suspect with a.k.a.’s, I know I have a shady character. Fraud cases are the most prevalent but violent suspects are also known to use multiple names. I’ve lately wondered, if I had ever committed a crime, and my rap sheet was viewed, what would it look like today?...more
Wow...great, intimate story, as in the "kind I like." So neat that you held your dreams close to ...more