He's a Real Shut Your Mouth

In real life, I'm cusstastic.I  mean, I can put a swear word into anything. But somehow on my blog, it  just seems wrong to swear. I mean, my mom reads it. There are thirteen  year olds out there trolling the interwebs. What if when they're not  trying to find XXX sites, they Stumble Upon my blog and find I've used a  bad word? The horror.But today, I'm letting go. So let me just say:  Jackhole. Potlicker. Bunsmoker....more

She's Not Fadoodling Around

A few weeks ago the kid needed a jar, so I gave her one of the canning jars that her dad didn’t use. When I asked her what she needed a jar for she told me it was a “Swear Jar” and that whenever someone swore she was going to charge them $3.00....more

Kids are great for keeping us in check. Unfortunately, I have an IOU for 10 bucks in our swear ...more