Burgundy + Leather.

Leggings season has begun, so I'm breaking out my ...more

No Sweat(er).

Jeans and a sweater!...more

Camel Black.

Camel, black, and white make for a sharp neutral color palette, no?...more

Eyelash Sweater + Flatforms.

Sweater and jeans, sweater and jeans, rinse and repeat. You gotta stay warm, but man if that doesn't get a little boring....more

Sweaters Ga-Lore

 Winter is all about sweaters! Growing up I always was walking around in sweaters and a pair of jeans, however they were far from cute and stylish. They were so bulky and extremely hot and itchy. Now it is a new era and sweaters have come a loooong way, above are a couple of my faves!  More on the blog: http://TooCurvyToCare.blogspot.com...more

Blue Period.

There's something really cool about a mostly monochrome outfit. In this case, it's blue– with a few crisp black and white lines + a shirttail thrown in....more

Jumbo Knits.

Sweaters may feel fresh right now (just like those red cups at Starbucks), but soon enough, we'll all be weary of that jeans-and-a-sweater c...more

Slouchy Sweaters.

Sweater remix: I wore a variation of this outfit last week, and here we are again- only this time I’m going super slouchy and over-sized in the sweater department (rather than cropped and boxy), and jeans have been replaced by a standard black legging. But how cozy and perfect? Nothing like wrapping up in a huge snugly sweater....more

Summer Weight Sweaters.

As I was packing up the fashion closet for my biannual wardrobe switch (out with the winter and in with the spring!), I intentionally left a few lightweight sweaters on the racks, in hopes I would work them into more summery outfits. My memory (although typically rather shoddy) didn’t fail me this time, as I reached for this super light striped number and matched it up with a pair of faded boyfriend shorts and cut-out booties for a Memorial Day barbeque....more