Slouchy Sweaters.

Sweater remix: I wore a variation of this outfit last week, and here we are again- only this time I’m going super slouchy and over-sized in the sweater department (rather than cropped and boxy), and jeans have been replaced by a standard black legging. But how cozy and perfect? Nothing like wrapping up in a huge snugly sweater....more

Steep vs. Cheap: Wool Sweaters Edition


Summer Weight Sweaters.

As I was packing up the fashion closet for my biannual wardrobe switch (out with the winter and in with the spring!), I intentionally left a few lightweight sweaters on the racks, in hopes I would work them into more summery outfits. My memory (although typically rather shoddy) didn’t fail me this time, as I reached for this super light striped number and matched it up with a pair of faded boyfriend shorts and cut-out booties for a Memorial Day barbeque....more

Cutest Graphic Sweaters


The Season's Coziest Cardigans Aren't Lacking in Style!

If it hasn't already arrived in your neck of the woods, rest assured, winter's coming. Myself, I'm more of a spring, summer, and fall kind of girl, but even I have to admit, Jack Frost has his charms. And mostly they involve getting to wear the coziest clothes in my closet.There's something about sitting on the couch and wrapping myself up in a chunky knit that sooths my soul. At least until I have to go outside and be cold, that is....more
I love the J.Crew hooded one and the one with the elbow patches! So comfy, yet stylish at the ...more

Five Ways to Wear This Fall's Oversized Sweater

Last year was all about long cardigans and layering but as the air gets crisper I'm seeing big chunky knit over sized sweaters everywhere. Here are five perfect oversized sweaters for Fall and a few tips on how to wear them....more

I admit it...I need a Home Organizer too!

Even Home Organizers need help too!  The kids and I moved 6 months ago and, although the majority of our home is set up and organized, there are still those "spots" that we all have...the ones that every time I look at them, I start thinking "I should really do something about that".  They silently nag at me each time they catch my eye.  They also seem to multiply overnight! It's the 3 cardboard boxes my mom gave me from my childhood home that I stacked neatly in the kitchen, beside the stove, thinking that they will drive me crazy being there so that will mo...more

It's Time for Cardigans!

It's finally cool in my neck of the woods and I'm loving it. We can put the flannel sheets on our beds and bundle up! We can build fires in our fireplaces and wear cozy clothes and get ready for snow! Not so into it? You can still enjoy the fashion opportunities that cool weather affords -- layering, boots, tights and gloves.  ...more

LOVE it! And I would wear it with everything! more

Innovative Ways to Gift Wrap Jewellery

  Who doesn't love receiving jewellery as a gift? However, if you are the giver and not receiver, I have some suggestions for gift wrapping jewellery that are fun and quite unique, and will certainly put smiles on every one's face. ...more