9 Ways Sweatpants Can Lead To Divorce

Eva Mendes warned us all about the matrimonial threat posed by sweatpants. I was trapped in the Toronto airport this weekend and their merchandisers seem hell bent on making it divorce proof. I couldn’t find sweatpants anywhere, and I really needed a pair. Lots of people think she’s wrong, but these are some ways sweat pants can legitimately ruin even the most stable union:...more

Leave Eva Alone, They're Just Sweatpants

And it starts the rumblings of Angry sweatpants wearers everywhere. There might as well be a crowd of Angry SAHM’s holding pitchforks surrounding this woman, ready to burn her at the stake. She said what? Sweatpants are the leading cause of divorce. Gasp Whatever shall we do?...more

Embracing the SAH Style

Working from home has many beautiful advantages. Here's one........Recovering Church Lady Susie...more