Winning Christmas

My Christmas budget is pretty non-existent this year.  To try to pad it a bit, I've been entering every sweeps I can find.The best place I've found for sweepstakes is Facebook.  Almost every store and brand has some kind of holiday sweepstakes in progress.  This is also true of small businesses.  I've already won a gift pack of baking mixes...which will definitely help with the holiday baking!...more

Must See? Maybe Not: Fall TV Season Recap

Over the last few years, we’ve watched as big name directors, actors and producers moved from the big screen to the small one (although some home theatres are competing in the screen department). And this season was no different. As we set our DVRs to our new favorites, and November sweeps season approaches, it’s time to see how the new fall lineup is faring....more
I'll definitely check it out! There's a lot of new stuff this season. And not enough hours in ...more