Barbecued Salmon with Fresh Sweet Corn Relish

I love backyard barbecuing in the summer. It keeps the mess outside, as well as the heat. And I don't feel left out of the action, like I sometimes do when I'm inside in the kitchen and the rest of my family and guests are out enjoying the sunshine. ...more
 @paulag01 Yes -- it really is a delicious recipe!more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Oven-fried Chicken, Biscuits, Corn, and Slaw

Well the corn was as high as an elephant's eye at this week's farmer's market, and so it's time to crank out this culinary classic. Forget the buckets and go for the gold, because the only thing that's even remotely tough about this meal is the biscuits and gravy thing, and I just know you can learn to do that…....more

All Hands On Deck

Recently, Colby told me I had planted an “overambitious garden.”  He may be right, although I am not complaining…yet.  In my second year of vegetable gardening, the list of things I am learning continues to grow.One thing I’ve learned this year is that one year might produce a bumper crop of zucchini and the next year might be a bust.  This is a bust year for zucchini.  If a bloom forms, it ends up falling off before a zucchini forms.  But, last year was a lousy year for tomatoes, watermelon, and corn, and this year…BUMPER....more