Guaranteed Crispy Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries (with Sriracha Ketchup)

I have two cravings that are pretty much constant: chocolate (hellooo #girlprobz) and french fries....more

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

I love fries!  Who doesn’t?There’s nothing quite like a burger and fries to remind me I’m an American from the Midwest   I don’t know if its been the cold Northern Iowan temperatures or just that I really love them, but lately I’ve been craving a nice crispy fry....more

Otarian: “food fast, not fast food”

I attended a day-long conference in Manhattan Friday. I knew I didn’t want to eat the “boxed lunch” that would be provided so I checked out Happy Cow: Compassionate Eating Guide to see what vegan options may be nearby and found that Otarian was just a few blocks away....more

Sweet Potato Fries with Lime-Chipotle Mayo


Yum, yum, yum. Though we do them kinda plain with just olive oil and cayenne pepper so they are ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Sweet Potato Fries Can Be a Life-Changing Experience

Every year for Thanksgiving dinner, my mother would make sweet potatoes. They had some kind of brown-sugar topping, and sometimes even mini marshmallows. The sweet potatoes smelled great, and of course my mother and a few other members of the family raved about how delicious they were. Eventually I'd take a small serving, only to decide once again they were revolting, and for years I thought I truly hated sweet potatoes. Now fast forward many years later to the first time I tried sweet potato fries. ...more

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Kalyn Denny