Sweet Potato Pie

It's holiday season again. Get your recipes inline, early. Try my sweet potato pie recipe. I'm sure this will become a favourite!Click here to see the video for "Sweet Potato Pie". Click here for the printable recipe @nadiadonella.com. Thanks for your eyes, time & shares!Till next time,...more

Sweet Potato Pie

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Creamy Sweet Potato Pie

Our car whizzed along the highway without interruption on Thanksgiving. The highway dipped, curved, and bumped us along. I felt sick from the jostling and movement, not used to it anymore after relying on my feet and the occasional train for several months. My body fully assimilated to living in the city, even if I mentally fight it....more

Election Day: Which Pie Gets Your Vote, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin?

Today's an important day. Today, in the U.S., we vote. We're voting on a lot of things, and one thing's for sure -- politics can get weird. So today I'm bringing it back to the real issues. The things that matter. The Issues Explained ...more

I hate to say it but I don't think that I have ever had Sweet Potato Pie! My family is composed ...more