Don’t forget to try out these sweet dishes this Diwali

Like all our other festivals, Diwali is also a lot more about food and sweets. Diwali as per history is known as the festival of lights but when too many people congregate to celebrate a certain festival, food and sweets are bound to be the talk among people. Each and every family has their traditional sweets for Diwali and these sweets are an important part of celebration....more

Baked Bread Gulab Jamun

I saw my blogger friends from the Blogging Marathon group trying bread jamun instead of the regular gulab jamun. No matter what Gulab Jamuns will there for all diwalis in our house hold. I followed the same tradition here in US too. But this time I wanted to try something different. Thought of making bread jamun and wanted to make it healthy. So I went with wheat bread and while mixing it I thinking how about baking instead of frying? I was super excited and baked and made this gulab jamuns. ...more

Make Pumpkin Scones

Sweet, savory and delicious. That's what these pumpkin scones are. I'm sharing the recipe with you today for these cake-y soft goodness. ...more

Vegan Lemon and Kiwi Cheese Cake

A delightfully refreshing dessert perfect for a afternoon tea party or a zesty finish to a casual dinner with friends.You can’t rush perfection and this dessert truly needs time to set. Once the filling has been mixed up and poured on the crust it will need the full time to set into a cheese cake texture. The soaked cashews gives a beautiful creamy texture and the fresh lemon a zesty finish....more

Low Carb Strawberry Shortcake

Peanut Butter Cups

Confession - I am a Sugar-holic but I Gave Up Sweets...and boy, am I CRANKY!

It was the multi-day chocolate binge with a box of See's that was the straw that broke the camel's back. The resulting nausea and migraine that lasted an entire weekend was enough for me to step back and reflect on my diet. My body was built on a steady diet of fast food, convenience store candy, doughnuts and soda. Two months ago I gave up the Diet Coke, my beverage of choice. I probably drank a ratio of 3 cans of Diet Coke to several SIPS of water, daily. Since then, I've increased my water intake to 100+ ounces a day....more

Anarsa - A Diwali Sweet


Carrot Halwa: an Indian dessert

Carrot halwa is an Indian dessert, made of grated carrot, khoa, milk and sugar. This carrot pudding is a very popular in Northern India and Pakistan and is widely known as Gajar Halwa. This is an easy to cook recipe and does not take much time. Ingredients are also mostly available at every kitchen. If khoa is not available, condensed milk can be used. ...more