Clumsy lessons

"I am not good at everything I attempt to do.""I'm not an expert.""This feels clumsy." ...more



Everyday poetry: long-lasting imprints

 This is the paw print I made coming back from my morning swim over an hour ago. It hasn't evaporated yet. I love those cool mornings. It makes me feel so alive to be out there in the water, surrounded by wildlife I can hear but not see, breathing in clean air, with beauty all around. Man, it's good for my soul....more

Back on the Saddle: Training for My Next Triathlon, After Two Kids

I've been spending my early mornings, lunch breaks, and late evening training for a triathlon. It's been over two years since my last race. And now with two young kids,  I'm determined to get back in the water, my running shoes and, yes, on the bike saddle....more

Sum It Up Saturday July 25 #SumItUpSaturday

Jolleen Ruiz

A magical swim

A picture I took two years ago that gives you an idea of what my swim felt like this morning.Or why I need a waterproof camera. My swim this morning was nothing short of magical....more

5 Tips for Swimming with Natural Hair

  We're officially in the month that starts the summer season. If you are worried about getting your hair damaged from sea water or chlorine this summer, here are 5 tips for swimming with natural hair.Before Swimming1. Wet Your Hair First...more

Favorite Swimsuits of 2015

Today on my blog, I'm sharing the best swimsuits of 2015! Come check them out here....more

Parents: Stop putting this lesson off

My now almost two year old daughter starting swimming lessons when she was six months old. My five month old will also start young.It’s important anywhere you live, but I believe in Florida, it’s borderline neglect if you don’t teach your child how to swim. As a reporter, I covered so many drownings. One week, I did three separate ones....more