Lube and Oil

Having an appointment this morning to see how the lower back and hip are making out. I have been kind of gentle with it, and yet I did fall the week after the shot at Undisclosed.I am mixed up with emotion. Part of me KNOWS physical therapy would probably be the way to go.Another part of me says swimming is the way, but the pool I would use in the city really doesn’t have lap lanes at convenient times.I know there is a public pool at Undisclosed, but really do not know what their schedule looks like....more

The observation room at swimming lessons

I enrolled my five year old daughter in swimming lessons this summer.  I figured it would help her to burn off some energy and to introduce her to the water.  The swimming facility is an indoor pool and it is very nice.  The class size ranges from 4-6 kids.  In my daughter's class, there is one other little girl and two little boys. ...more


I'm 33 years old and trying to stay as fit as possible....more

When daddy takes the boy swimming

It's that time after you've had a baby and you can't go swimming but your older child loves to go. Perfect for daddy bonding while mummy and baby stay at home snuggled in bed- perfect! ...more

QV Dolphins Swim Team 2013

I love how much he's improved -- so awesome. Go, Charlie! Go Dolphins!more

The Pool Is Fun & Relaxing -- for Everyone Except Mom

It’s Saturday morning and I wake up and realize that OMG, I promised the kids we would go to the pool today. I had come up with a gazillion great excuses during the week but today it is warm and sunny… and no rain in sight. Thanks a lot Drats. I’m stuck. Kids don’t realize that you just don’t hop in the car and head on over to the pool or water park. Those clean towels and drinks and snacks and sunscreen and toys and floats and chairs don’t just magically appear in the car. Someone had to get everything together and put it there....more
 @knmcevoy I know exactly what you mean about the "Watch this!!!"  I was trying to read and my ...more

Facing Off With Fear

Fear sucks the life out of any situation and is worthless to keep around you.  Fear debilitates you and limits your effectiveness in any situation.  Fear is not the same as being wise and cautious.  Fear is the thing that makes you want to curl up in a ball in the corner and go into emotional lock-down, where as being wise and cautious emboldens you to act smarter and make different choices.  Fear keeps you from making any choice at all.I often mix up the two, especially when it comes to my kids....more

BJ Barber

BJ Barber When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me I would need to exercise everyday. I started running the first week and rode my bike ten miles a day to school and work. Both of those felt like work to me. But there was one exercise I started that year that I still love to this day....more

Swimming Lessons (365 Days of Blessings – Day 182)

I am thankful for swimming lessonsEvery week since mid-April, Poppet and I have been venturing to the local community centre for swimming lessons. She is getting so good at ducking her head under water and kicking her legs and splashing about! It’s awesome to watch!Warmest regards,...more