No Yellow Polka Dots Here, Not To Mention Any Itsy-Bitsy-Ness

Does anyone besides me find swimsuit shopping to be painful?I'm pretty sure the last piece of swimwear I got was six years ago, shortly after Adelaide was born, and that was only because our condo complex had a pool, I was determined to get our money's worth from our condo fees, and my mom offered to buy it. ...more

Been spendin' most my life livin' in a lycra paradise

 I am all about summer.  I love hot weather, pools, lakes, beaches, backyards, cold drinks, sun umbrellas, beach towels, raspberry iced tea (or lemon), sunglasses, sundresses, shorts, flip-flops, sunscreen, and especially swimsuits. I distinctly do NOT, however, love shopping for said suit.  ...more

Are you referring to the style of suit worn by the women speed swimmers at the Olympics? Those ...more