Find The Perfect Black Bathing Suit for Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Are you ready for bathing suit season? I am not, but that doesn't mean I'm not bathing suit shopping! What's my go-to for a day at the beach? A black two-piece swimsuit. Herewith: my choices for this season. 1. ...more

Thats really a cool collection for summer. There are varied designs and more colors.

Be Your Own Pin-Up! DIY Swimwear!

It's summertime! And for many of us that means opportunities to get half naked and run around in the sun. I've never liked wearing a regular bathing suit. I have this ginormous RED birthmark covering one entire ass cheek and half my upper thigh and I've always hated it. ...more

Awesome. Great stuff to know.more

Glamor Mommy Poolside

A couple of weeks ago I read a blog posting that got me thinking.  I tried going back and finding the post and the author so I could link back to her, but I can’t find the post.  Anywhere.  It must be my mad cow disease acting up again, but I digress....Read On Lanita Moss ...more

Shapewear Swimsuits: Would You Wear Spanx to the Pool?

Swimsuit season officially starts this weekend, which means that it's time to get out your suit and assess the fit. Roxanna made a persuasive case for the one-piece suit recently, but I have to admit that I need more than just coverage at this point in my life. I need Spanx. Or the bathing suit equivalent. ...more

I would totally wear Spanx on the beach if it were comfortable and made me feel super slim!! :)more

Will Retro Swimsuits Get Me Back in the Pool?

Every year I hem and haw and try to put off the inevitable, uncomfortable feat of squeezing my nearly ten-year-old bikini. I did buy another suit about five years ago, only to forget it at a hotel after wearing it only once. This year, however, I've finally made it back to my pre-baby weight (though definitely not my pre-baby body, but that's okay...peace has been made.), my husband and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and I think I'm going to buy a new swimsuit. ...more

I just talked about getting a retro suit on a recent blog post on my honeymoon.  I think they ...more

Best Swimsuit Trends for Plus Size Women

The Best Swimwear Trends for Plus Size Women  ...more

Build A Better Bikini

I can't say that swimwear was on the top of my "to do" list when I woke up this morning, but when I found out that launched it's new "You As a Designer" feature, I couldn't wait to kick my inner bikini designer into full gear! This fab do-it-yourself feature came about after Thales Panagides, founder of, received several requests from all over the world asking if it would be possible to tap into their production facilities and know-how. ...more