California Leads, But Ohio Rules: How I Saw the Election in Ohio

I spent the last two weeks before the election campaigning for President Obama in my hometown of Cincinnati (that’s the southern-most “C” city in Ohio – i.e. not Cleveland or Columbus), in Hamilton County. What would make me leave the 60-degree comfort of life in California to stand out in the cold of Cincinnati as polls opened at dawn? It was nerve-wracking, fun, and inspiring....more
so shocking to read..i voted in britain on thursday and we have a very simple system, it took me ...more

Dumb Campaigners

I confess, I'm a Democratic partisan.But I don't hate Republicans, just the new anti-science, anti-fact, extemist Republican Party.I also confess, sometimes I have some stupid ideas myself.I'm campaigning for President Obama here in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, a conservative city in a swing state. Cincinnati is very Republican - House Majority Leader John Boehner represents Hamilton County, which contains Cincinnati. Cincinnati also has a large African American population, the vast majority of which is not Republican....more

Campaigning for Obama in Ohio

I arrived in my hometown, Cincinnati, Friday morning. After a nap and nice lunch with my Aunt and election co-conspirator, I reported to the Walnut Hills Barack Obama campaign office. I met volunteers from Georgia, Texas, Bakersfield, all over. I was asked to make phone calls, mostly to Obama supporters, asking them to volunteer. Then I learned out to use the database system....more
Yes. 1) Phone canvassing with straw poll voting for WWDC Radio in Nixon/Humphrey in 1968 as part ...more

Voting Results in the Eye of the Beholder

Voting is in the eye of the beholder: At least 30% of Hamilton (OH) County registered voters have voted already. Because of the Cincinnati office out of which I'm working, I've talked to dozens and dozens of President Obama supporters who have already voted. But when I told my Republican brother-in-law the 30% stat, he said, "They're all Romney voters." I think tomorrow I'll go down to the Board of Elections and see who actually is voting early. Will try to post pics....more

Palin Helping Swing State Numbers

About a week ago, I described in one of my comments about a conversation with my lifelong Republican mom who lives in SW Virginia which had me picking my jaw up off of the floor in disbelief. ...more