'Switched at Birth' Airs All ASL Episode: A Quiet Pioneer on ABC Family

In casting a mix of deaf, hearing and hard-of-hearing actors — as well as showcasing silent scenes between characters communicating in sign language (subtitled for hearing viewers) in every episode — the show is a technical and cultural pioneer. This week, Switched aired an all-ASL episode, something the network says has never been done before on scripted, mainstream television....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com I agree, SweetBird, there arent' many good TV show to watch, in my opinion, ...more

Switched at Birth "This is Not a Pipe" Season 1, Premiere

Mommy Anna Fe is again here to make a short review about the premiere episode of the new series Switched at Birth Season 1. Well, from the title itself we can tell how or what will be the story about. Also, for the title itself, there is something more surprising about this. That’s why Mommy Anna Fe will give you a little taste for this very sweet serving today.What will be your feedback if you know that you are living in a family that is not your parents?...more

Forgive me again, just love this show. so emotional...more