My Take on SXSW 2012: Film, Music, Interactive, and More

SXSW aka South-by-Southwest, the event that takes a week of my time every year in Austin, Texas, seems to get bigger and bigger every March, not to mention more global....more

SXSW: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Many of you may wonder what kind of horrible disease I must have caught that caused me to take a 2-day hiatus from blogging. After all, what do I even have to do other than write commentary on desserts and breast size?Well, this week has been particularly busy. Droves of tech nerds, musicians, and hipsters have invaded my fine city to take part in the epic adventure that is SXSW. And I am in people-watching heaven.Here is a brief summary of my adventures thus far:The Good...more

Almost went into Labor at SXSW

 Like it was yesterday, I remember dashing to the hospital, being 9+ months pregnant,  with my husband making grand gestures to my neighbors "We'll be back with the baby!", "Today's the big day!" and "We're going to have a baby!"...more

SXSW Booty Call Bootcamp for Geeks?

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Austin, Tx to be part of a huge convention that overflows with Geeks on the go.  Being married to a high-tech Geek, I know how deceptive some of those quiet nerdy types can be. Apparently SXSW does too, because on the first night of this organized mayhem they actually hosted a colorful discussion called (wait for it)...more

Hi Lori, thank you for the kind words about my session. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to ...more

I'm going to SXSW!!!

Before I head out the door to Austin for this amazing event to get the very best Social Media has to offer and bring it back home to you. Do you have any questions or special requests? I can't promise I'll get to everybody or do everything, but it's an exciting opportunity to learn, meet new people, and to take in the sights and sounds of Austin, the big sister city to my beloved Athens Ga. :)...more

Women Talking About Women in Music: War Stories From a Male-Dominated Industry

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to Austin, Texas to attend the South by Southwest Music Festival to participate in a panel discussion called Women Write Women's Experiences in Music. We discussed the representation of women music journalists and the experiences we have had interviewing musicians, going on tour with bands and navigating our way in a male-dominated environment. While there are certainly more women journalists now than when I was a kid reading Circus or Hit Parader magazines, the lack of representation still brings out the sexism and misogyny within the industry. ...more

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's been a while since I worked in the music business - oh ...more

What's Trendy in Tech?

SXSW Interactive, a yearly geekfest in Austin, TX, is where I spent most of last week. I picked up on a lot of trendy new ideas, apps, and goings on in the tech world. Some of them may be of interest to BlogHer readers. Gowalla Everyone was using Gowalla and talking about Gowalla, comparing Gowalla with Foursquare, and even dreaming about Gowalla. There's a constant stream of Twitter chatter about it. As you see in this tweet from @Goodwitch, you can set up Gowalla to tweet your whereabouts when you check in at a particular location. ...more

SxSW: A Top 10 List

Last year my friend Lisa (you may recognize her from Twitter as @pprlisa) made me laugh (EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOT THE FUNNY ONE, LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR) when she came up with this Top Ten Reasons I Didn't Go To SxSW --that's "South by Southwest" for you unwashed uninitiated undesirables. #GoogleIt ...more

Garbage Dreams Sweeps Up Accolades with a Compelling Story of Trash Salvagers

When I see films in our big chain movie theater, I like to get the mega-large soft drink. They have a good fountain, and I like to have the big, iceburg of a drink to share throughout the movie, and then get a refill to take home. It's a bit obscene, I think it's 64 ounces and crammed with ice, and takes two hands to carry. Do you ever look in the trash cans on the way out of the theater? The cups and buckets are huge. I'm lucky if I don't spill half of my drink, and then I have the crappy, soggy cup to contend with. It's a bad habit. ...more


Thanks for this article. Last night, unable to sleep, I happed upon a show Wasteland ...more

A Few Good Women at SXSW '10

Though it’s over seven months away and may not even be on your radar yet, we’re buzzing with excitement about the interactive portion of SXSW ’10, slated for March 12-16. Why? Several BlogHers have proposed sessions for the conference, and we’re hoping that a few good women will be selected to speak. But we need your help! Read on to learn more about the fabulous sessions proposed – and if you like what you find, or would attend one of the proposed panels, or even if you’re just slightly fascinated by an idea, we could use your vote of confidence. Quite literally. ...more