Hot In The City

Middle of summer in Australia and some cities are experiencing really scorching days. Beaches are jam packed with people. Some are taking advantage of the air conditioned malls. I am guessing a lot would have been craving for something refreshing. One of my favourite treats during the hot months is icy granita. Mangoes are in season and an adult-friendly version is a must - mango ang vodka granita! Of course, you can make this into a child-friendly one by omitting the vodka but for me, with vodka it is!Get the quick and easy recipe from here!...more

Travelling close to home


Is Bigger Always Better?

The Nitty Gritty

Only one day left until Australia so I thought I'd update everyone on some of the details of the trip. After I arrive in Australia and use some of the products I have purchased to help me in my travels (ie. travel insurance, mail services)I will update on what I think of the quality. ...more

News on Gender and Heart Disease

by Dr. Holly Andersen...more

O behave -- Indian, Australian cricketers need to mind their manners, and more

I wasn't going to write about the game of cricket, a) because it's being written to death in India and Australia, and b) not many of my readers follow the game in America; but the intensity with which a disastrous tour by the Indian team down under is being blogged about, I can't but talk about it. ...more

Good to see you here again, Nita :) What a coincidence, I was just reading your blog.
Thank you ...more