Can Women Have It All?

A few weeks ago, I read a thought provoking Harvard Business Review blog by Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Work-Life Policy....more

Negotiating flexibility at work: notes from the experts

I thought it would be helpful to report back on a work life balance panel I attended yesterday for all of you out there who might be considering requesting a flexible work arrangement in the New Year. Or, perhaps there are those of you who, like me, were content before to work part time or as consultants but who are now thinking, “crap, I really wish I had a full time real job.” However, it’s a challenge to give up the flexibility that comes with working on your own schedule.  Perhaps, in this tight new economy, you don’t have to. Would you negotiate on other ...more

Morra - Thanks so much for posting your ...more

Can you maintain your ambition when life gets in the way? Two new studies

Two new studies today center around women and the ambition to rise to the top. Ambition to advance in a profession, ambition to run for political office. They document the hard choices faced by women of childbearing age when they are managing work, family, and their own ambitions and aspirations. ...more

One thing no one mentions is that Lawless and Fox make a number of suggestions for how to ...more

Why Aren't More Women Leaders in the Workplace?

When we talk about a leader in the workplace, the image that comes to most people's minds is a man--not a woman. That's according to a recent New York Times article by Lisa Belkin, which highlights a variety of research on women and leadership, including a recent report by Catalyst, a group that studies women in the workplace. Dubbed “Damned if You Do, Doomed if You Don’t,” the report polled 1,231 senior executives from the United States and Europe: ...more