Hope runs deep, rebuilding confidence among Syrian women refugees

UN Women’s Executive Director visited UN Women’s Oasis, a safe space for women to seek support and skills training in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp. ...more

When Will We Stop Counting the 9/11s?

It's September 11 again. And I'm dreading it. I want September 11 to go back to being just another day in the early fall. Is this wrong?...more
Thank you for sharing. My husband and I were just sharing similar sentiments on the evening of ...more

A Recipe For Disaster in Syria

A RECIPE FOR DISASTER- SYRIA Note: This is a rambling post and contains disturbing photo's I've been contemplating the 'situation' in Syria.To do this, with even a modicum of perspective, I must consider the history of the region.And it is a mess- then, now, tomorrow....more

This is not about chemical weapons and India should be worried

Before I begin, I do not have a formal education in the area of foreign policy nor am I a seasoned journalist who understands the granularity of the sectarian issues in the Middle East. What I present here is the synthesis of whatever I have consumed over the past few days on this issue and my recollection of significant world events during my adult life....more

Thoughts on Syria and Resources to Help Inform the Discussion

 I took a rare moment to unwind during the boys' naptime last week and actually turned on th...more

Women and Girls at Risk in Syria

Mothers everywhere love their daughters and every culture values their children. But some cultures value their girls less. This equation can change during a crisis: a war, a devastated crop, a death of a husband and breadwinner. Everything, in those moments, can change for a family. Girls become a commodity - the cash crop, the way out of a war, the way to earn an income that was lost....more

Syrian women refugees face forced early marriages and restricted mobility: UN Women report

On World Refugee Day, UN Women launches the findings of new study on violence and a programme for Syrian women refugees who have fled to neighbouring Jordan. The programme aims to increase their access to comprehensive, life-saving protection including health, psychosocial and legal services. ...more

Syrian Women Refugees Stitch Together Trust and Hope

Cross-posted from UN Women The sound of women laughing and making jokes are all one can hear standing outside the Tailoring Workshop container at the Women and Girls Oasis in Zaatari refugee camp located in the Jordanian Governorate of Mafraq, close to the Syrian border. ...more

Loose Lips STILL Sink Ships

What is it about this man??? ...more

Syria, The Writing's On The Wall: Stop The Killing

 Read post here Syria The Writing's On The Wall: Stop The Killing and then take action!mother.wife.me...more