Feminist Apparel: A Review

What size shirt did you get? You look about the same size as me, and I can't make heads or tails ...more


Hello Readers: ...more

OASAP Unveals New summer Line

Asian fashion retailer OASAP is always adding new items, and the eTailer is right on time wih its new spring and summer collection. The collection features fashionable t-shirts in bright colors and bold prints. You'll absolutely make a statement in these tees and tanks!...more

What Your T-Shirt Says About You

                A plastic tote sits in the back of our bedroom closet. Actually, four totes are there because, well, it’s a tiny closet. One is filled with Husker gear, and it’s almost time to dig into its contents!  Another holds some of Scott’s clothing from our move to the farm six years ago. The third contains various sweatshirts.                The last tote contains T-shirts.  Thirty-seven, to be exact....more

Romney and Obama Political Fashion Statements

Last month, Urban Outfitters caused a stir when it released a line of “ironic” Mitt Romney t-shirts, bearing slogans like “Too Legit to Mitt” and “Mitt is the Shit”. And the Internets exploded with debates about whether the designs are meant to be ironic or iconic....more
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streetstyle t-shirt of the week: gypsy punked

gypsy punk chicWhat are the gogol bordello gypsy punks, you  might ask?? It's a gypsy punk thing, baby!...more

Good Boy Roy goes to Hollywood

Hollywood fun and adventure       It’s about time I got to this post. We returned home from our whirl wind trip to LA/Hollywood last Monday. What a slacker I am to just now get this done....more

keeper of the gate

would you like some elbow grease with that cocktail? ...more