Accent On Aubergine

Poppies on my Table

The thought of summer coming to a close is a huge let down so I try to not go there. However, we are inundated with hints and sometimes in your face advertising and merchandise that lets us know fall is upon us. Why does it seem that winter drags on forever and the warm sunny days fly by in a flash?...more

July 4th in the Kitchen

 If this table was any more casual and relaxed we’d be lying across it rather than sitting in the chairs. It’s not often that I set up a table in the kitchen unless it’s for a buffet. However, I’m still enjoying the table in the dining room and not ready to take it down....more


The inspiration for this table started with these beautiful green dishes from TJ Maxx. Priced at $7.99 for a ser of four it was a no brainer. Granted they sat in my stash for about two months, but in a tablescaper’s bin that’s a very short time....more

Spring Tablescapes

Now that all of the Easter decorations are put away, I’ve been searching for ideas on how to keep the beautiful colors of Spring in my home, and do it affordably....more

The art of to set a breakfast table

Setting the table for breakfast is a luxury I only get on the weekends. (Usually only Saturday because Sundays we go out for breakfast after church) I relish my Saturdays for this very reason... nothing is lovelier than a beautifully set breakfast table. ...more

This was a beautiful post. Thanks for the visual encouragement to use my china creatively. I ...more

[ReDeemed] Tablescape Thursday #1

I admit.  I've been lurking in the shadows.  I've been admiring your tables from afar.  I've been sad that I could not pull up a chair and join you. ...more