Easy Blog Commenting from Your Mobile Device

Did you make "comment more" one of your resolutions for 2014? Are you reading most blogs on a mobile device such as your phone or tablet? Then you need Schmutzie's extremely helpful tutorial to create shortcuts on your phone so it auto-fills information such as your name, blog title, and blog URL. ...more
jessikerbakes haha you're SO welcome!more

How Protected is My Tablet on WiFi?

To understand how protected you are, you need to understand how unprotected free public wireless is. This has nothing to do with how secure Apple devices are compared to Android.  By default, free public wireless is open and unencrypted, and the data that travels over it from each device to the router is naked for all the world to see. This is true regardless of what anti-virus (AV) software you do or don’t have on your tablet....more

Are Today's Toddlers the Generation iToddler?

Some question the use of apps in children's daily routine finding it too close to its ancient sibling-the video game, I however embrace it. People say it strays away from parent & child interaction.  This theory, in my opinion, is based on fear-fear of change, fear of a fast-growing technological generation that does anything and everything with a click of a button or more appropriately-a tap of a finger....more
Here's a list of my toddler's favorite learning apps! ...more

To Tablet or Not To Tablet?

I would love to hear your thoughts on tablets.  Specifically, please tell me whether I should get one....more

How Green is Your iPad Mini?

I got a new iPad Mini as a Christmas gift, and I just can't seem to shut up about it. Clearly, I am totally taken with this technology. Thanks to my tablet I'm reading more. I'm catching up on blogs and checking out magazine articles and finishing actual books. I feel like I'm a hungry person, and I've just finished a restrictive diet. I'm re-immersing myself in words. It's wonderful, particularly as someone who writes for a living. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt I have seen the story of stuff, and I am appalled.   At the same time, there is ...more

Retro Tablet Case - 8-Bit Envelope

For those of us that remember the 8-bit envelope graphic, this is a retro tablet case that is certain to be a favorite.  Its great retro look also provides the important protection your tablet needs from drops and bumps....more

iPad Mini wihtout a camera?