Surface Pro 3 is Overpriced and Already Obsolete

I'm a tablet gal as I am always on the go, so am pretty authoritative on them. While it is usually our policy to only blog about stuff we recommend, in this case we decided to warn readers not to waste their hard earned cash on a product. Today, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, a rehash of last year’s failed attempt at a tablet both hit stores and became available for pre-order.  With the initial effort losing over $900 million for the company, there is little that suggests that this new one will do much better.  ...more
I would like to try and explain the problems that the other commenters and I have with your ...more

Say cheese! Introducing KIDO’Z New Camera and Personal Photo Galleries

 KIDO’Z is excited to tell you about the new version of our Kid Mode Android app that will make parents and kids SMILE!What’s new?Kid-friendly CAMERA feature that supports both front and rear device camerasPERSONAL galleries for each kidSupport for new Android KitKatWant to hear more? We’d be happy to give you the details.PERSONAL GALLERIES for each CHILD ACCOUNT...more

Quirky Pivot Power – It Fits Everything!

Quirky Pivot Power was designed to address one of the bigger annoyances I have when it comes to electronics and surge protectors.  Fitting all of the plugs onto the power strip.  It seems every power strip I own has at least one, if not several unused plugs.  All because the adaptor seems like the size of a school bus on top of my power strip that seems like the size of a Smart car....more

Holiday Home Run Gifts: iPad Minis, Apps, and More

If you and your kids are dreaming of a tech-filled holiday season, you probably have questions about tablets, iDevices, and the like. Should you get the brand-new iPad Mini? What makes it a better choice than the larger iPad or the smaller iPod Touch? Do you need accessories, like cases and styluses? Which ones? And what are the best apps for kids of all abilities?...more

Tablet Takeover: Why the iPad Went Mini

Steve Jobs was a strong believer that for the purpose of design and usability, tablet sizes shouldn’t be smaller than 10 inches. Why then has Apple steered away from Jobs’s stern vision and released the new 7.9 inch iPad Mini? While the original iPad was a proactive device that spearheaded a brand new tablet market, the iPad Mini is reactive to the multitude of tablet sizes currently on the market. Let’s break it down:...more

Get Ready! Windows 8 Pre-Orders Start Today

With devices that slide, swivel and flip, Windows 8 PCs arrive on our doorsteps in just a few weeks if you order early...more

Which Smart Phone and Tablet Apps Do You Like Most?

This week, we're wondering which of all the hundreds of smart phone and tablet apps are the favorites among the BlogHer community. For me, some have become essential travel items (hello iPhone alarm clock), some are excellent time fillers when you're stuck in a line (Scrabble, Fruit Ninja), and some have completely obliterated my ability to recall movie/actor names independently (IMDb...destroyer of brains). I can no longer imagine what life was like before Pandora made me the program director of my very own personal radio station....more
If you like Pandora check out Songza.  It will give you a playlist based on the time of day, ...more

Will The Rise Of Tablets Affect Security Measures In The Workplace?

With unit sales of smartphones and tablets eclipsing those of desktop and notebook PCs, cybercriminals will continue setting their sights on mobile, and increased mobile Internet use will continue exacerbating security and data breach issues in the workplace....more

Tablets and eReaders sassy classy cases!

There is a new trend around and it is for one of the newest most important item in people's lives. Beside the smart phones and iPod cases, you know what I am talking about. Bright blingy cases or those chubby Otterbox cases. Pertect the phone and have it look great while doing it.Well now it is all about the tablets. Everyone is getting them(except me who is waiting patiently for the new asus to come out so this girl can get her transformer, or at least the Fire for Pete's sake!)...more

Kindle Fire: First Step to Amazon World Domination?

Last week, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire. The event was peppered with little surprise announcements that revealed quite a lot about Amazon's future direction.Hmm...It runs on Android OS. (Yay, Team Droid) But not Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich; it runs on a customized version of Android 2.3. Effectively, a pseudo-custom OS. The main browser is Silk. A proprietary Amazon browser. ...more
Apple has done this all along under the miss guided view they are the indie/ hip/ for the ...more