10 Reasons Why You Should Never Judge A Stripper

At alpha beta pie we support and encourage women’s empowerment across the board… even up and down the pole.  But it seems there are a lot of negative misconceptions floating around that portray exotic dancers as somehow misguided.  Sure, not all women are created with equal opportunities, but the ignorant stereotypes have got to go.  So, to set the record straight for all our misunderstood twerking gals, here are 10 reasons why you should never judge a stripper:...more

Alissa Nutting's TAMPA & Breakfast Tomato Tartine

Tampa is a book that will prompt questions from strangers. As I read on a bus to work, a fellow commuter leaned over: “Did you know what the book was about before you bought it?” When I forgot my copy in the seat pocket of a plane — an error I make with troubling frequency — and had to buy another, the bookstore employee raised an eyebrow at me: “Oh, I’ve heard all about this one.”...more

Taboo Topic: Would You Write Your Own Obit?

 Writing my father’s obituary was not as daunting as one might think. He died on Saturday at 86, after an eventful life. The challenge was figuring out what to include in the limited space.Dad had so many colorful experiences, traveled the world, fought in WW II, raised two daughters and three sons, and had a 63 year marriage. He worked for 30 years at a chemical company, trained horses, raised vegetables and flowers, played semi-pro baseball....more
@California Dreaming So sorry for the loss of your loved ones, C.D. I hadn't given obits much ...more

Nipple Sleuths

Nancy Graces's brassiere has been a hot topic during her performances on "Dancing With The Stars."  I am probably one of the eleven people in the United States who has never seen the show, but even I have heard about her alleged areola and/or nipple appearance. Nancy’s story reminded me of my own, less newsworthy, bra malfunction....more
@ ehris - Yes! You mean Boudica - her statue (probably my FAVORITE statue) is in London, ...more

5 things no one mentioned (to me) about motherhood

 People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. ~ Leo J. Burke...more

I’ve Realized Suicide Awareness can be a Deterrent

I started my blog in honor of my friend who committed suicide on Christmas. Her name is Dina and I was blessed to know her.As a person with quite a bit of experience with mental illness myself, I'm quite certain she had mental health issues that were never properly diagnosed or treated. It was no one's fault. She was brilliant and knew how to put on a face to the world that didn't show her true pain...unless she wanted you to know....more

You are so kind to read both and comment. I truly appreciate our support. I feel blessed to be ...more

Ambivalence About Having Kids Shouldn’t Be Taboo

All my life I have assumed that I would get married and have kids, but I never once had an active urge to make babies. I knew women and men who had always dreamed of the day they could have their own families, and next to them I felt like I was a bad person. Their behaviour, shock at my ambivalence, and society’s influence made me feel like something was wrong with me. I was broken. I was not a good woman....more

The Mother of All Taboos

In case you have not heard, there is a vaccine war raging in America between pharmaceutical companies and Moms. The battle lines are publically drawn this way: One side says evil pharma is poisoning kids for a bigger buck....more

Changing the Message: Trend and Taboo

No Impact Man wrote a great post in which he suggested that “changing the message” would help change our behavior—specifically, our wasteful and consumptive tendencies. I think we could change this through trend and taboo. I befriended a number of socially and environmentally conscious people at college, even lived with some, and in our little society it was easier to live a greener lifestyle. ...more