This Fun Twist on Taco Tuesday Involves ... Pizza Dough

I first saw a Taco Rolls recipe on Pinterest, and immediately I thought how simple it would be to re-create. I mean, Taco Rolls—how hard can it be, right? To be honest, I read the recipe once and assumed some things. I found the images on Pinterest were much more appealing than mine turned out. It reminded me of the Pinterest "Nailed It!" meme, that glorifies all those attempt that look nothing like the end goal. ...more

Santa Fe Taco's & a Taco Bar

Having 6 children, our life is busy..  I'm sure most parents can relate.This is a typical 5:00 p.m. conversation...Kids: What's for dinner Mom?Me: I don't know! I just walked in the door.Kids: I'm hungry. I'm really really hungry!!! ...more

Easy Recipe - Shredded Beef Tacos

Shredded Beef Taco #Recipe ...more

What's a Bustaurant? Find Out on the BlogHer Food Tacos (& More) Tour!

Here's another chance to explore Austin's cuisine -- this time on a taco tour near our hotel for BlogHer Food '13. This is our fourth no-host excursion that will take place on Friday, June 7 after our reception and it will be led by Wendi Aarons, also known as one of the Mouthy Housewives, who lives in Austin....more

Perfect With a Margarita: Fish Tacos with Tequila-Lime Salsa

As I was mixing up my batch of margaritas, the thought of what should accompany this drink was swirling around in my mind. Lots of things are always swirling around in my mind. My husband thinks it is great because it takes all the pressure off him. ...more
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Taco bread braids

@Darcie Thank you! it really is! my family gobbled it up!more

Taco Salad

Chili-Rubbed Salmon Tacos

 This is one of my all time favorite recipes to cook and eat!  During college, one of our favorite restaurants served an entree with this name.  I am not sure what all is in their version but this one is close enough and we love it!

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Recipe for shredded chicken tacos with black beans and corn.  Yum!

Easy Peasy Taco Spring Rolls

Basically the idea is replacing the hard shell taco with spring roll wrapper. Then it is up to you to go the healthier way by oven-cook them or go the original way, deep fry them -- which probably adds a few hundreds more extra calories with the same end result. Both of them will still be crispy and deliciousRead more here.... ...more