What Does Hunger Look Like? Restaurant Critic Goes From Expense Account to Food Stamps

In this economy, the fact that someone is using food stamps to make sure they have enough food to feed themselves and their family is, sadly, no longer news. But when the person on food stamps is a former restaurant critic, that's a totally different story. ...more

Candelaria, I love the idea of working with one luxury ingredient per pay period -- that ought ...more

Cute Kids!

Hey Mamas!  I just came across a video contest that is super cute, and definitely worth checking out.  Parents have made commercials featuring their young children.  These videos are hilarious.  They're still accepting entries.  There are no costs involved, and they even have a video tutorial for those who don't know how to put video on the web.  The prize packages are amazing.  The first place prize is worth over $5000.  Anyway, check it out.  It's worth it.  If you don't plan to enter, at least check out ...more