Fruites De Mer - Tangine Cooking

Fruites de Mer is an excellent seafood and vegetable soup. Plus, in my opinion, this qualifies as vegetarian too....more

Cinnamon-Spiced Fish Tagine with Raisins and Capers

A few notes about this recipe: You can use any type of white fish, but I'd urge you to try something other than tilapia. Sure, tilapia is well-liked due to its low cost, wide availability, and mild taste that plays to its versatility and makes it a highly recommended first foray into seafood for non-fish eaters. But why do you think it's so cheap, so available, and so, well, lacking in flavor? Due to farming practices, of course. Tilapia are easy to mass-produce because they eat pretty much anything, which means farmers can get away with feeding them a lesser quality diet that is certainly not like what they'd eat in the wild. Unfortunately this results in a fish containing minimal amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and elevated levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which is not a very healthy combination if you're trying to eat more fish to improve heart-health....more

Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Chickpeas and Carrots

For Valentine’s Day I got a Le Creuset tagine accompanied by a new Moroccan cookbook (swoon). I’ve read articles that discourage men from buying their spouses kitchen or other household paraphernalia for Valentine’s Day. I totally disagree. A few years ago I got an amazing vacuum cleaner. Every kiss begins with Dyson. ...more
I love kitchen (or home) gadgets for presents. And I've never heard of this one. Thanks for the ...more

Moroccan Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tagine from Closet Cooking

One thing I think is so fun about meatless recipes is that they often make use of interesting ingredients or cooking methods from places around the world where cooking without meat is common. Don't be scared by the word tagine in this Moroccan Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tagine from Closet Cooking. The name does refer to a type of special Moroccan clay pot used for cooking stews, but Kevin has cooked this dish in a pan on the stove. And although there are a couple of uniquely Middle Eastern ingredients in this dish like preserved lemons and Harissa, this recipe sounds like it would have plenty of flavor without them....more
Sounds like a PERFECT labor meal! Thanks!more

Chicken Tagine - Moroccan Stew

 If you like Indian cuisine; but tend to be intimidated by the heat in some of the dishes, Moroccan may be for you.  Today's Fit Foodista post provides readers who love ultra-flavorful yet not too spicy food a great option.  Try this recipe for low-fat  ...more