Easy Tailgating Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

I am super excited that football season has officially started! One thing I love about football season is that it allows me to showcase my culinary skills. I may not have mastered the perfect roast or fancy dessert, but I sure as heck can dump a bunch of things together to make a delicious dip. People actually request for my food during football season. For some of you this may be hard to believe, but yes, it happens. My most requested dish? Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip!Here's what you need......more

My BCS Tailgaint Adventure

I'm going to be honest with y'all, I'm still pissed at how bad my team played last night. There are a few players that I would give anything to punch them in the face, but I'm not naming names.In an effort to try to forget how bad the game was, today I'm sharing pictures from the blast I had before the Tigers hit the field.Starters ... we had a LSU king cake at work. If y'all follow me on twitter, y'all know that I got the baby in the last king cake at work, which meant it was my turn to buy one.Of course, I did it in style :)...more

Eco-Friendly Tailgating

Fall and football are still in the air. This year even tailgaters are going green and I don’t mean the school colors. With more awareness of environmentalism, it’s good to remind everyone to leave no trace and do it green from start to finish....more
So much hype! Does anyone remember what John F. Kennedy had to say about the iPhone 5 ...more

The Countdown is On.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are probably in the wrong place.  However, if you would like to learn, please feel free to stay.  Thursday is opening day of the NCAA college football season and I for one could not be more excited.  Personally, I’m a Gamecock fan, which means that I am REALLY excited about this year’s possibilities.  All the tools are there and with a little bit of luck, we really will have something to “crow” about.  Thi...more

Game Day Grub

The Superbowl will be here soon, and although we're not into sports {shamefully, we don't even know who is playing}, we're totally into good food and friends. To celebrate, we've pulled together our favorite Wicked Good appetizers and game-day recipes; it's gonna be a tasty day!p.s....more

Quite Possibly the Most Perfect Football Food

As some readers will no doubt have realized by now, Sundays during football season are all about the food for me....more

I Love The South, I Love Tailgating, I Love California Heirloom Garlic

 Ahh…..how I love the South’s hospitality and ambiance… It was evident when I first arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday, and my cab driver did three things you don’t find in LA: he helped me into the cab, called me ma’am (definitely not necessary, but very indicative of the South) and even engaged me in friendly conversation (beyond asking me where I was going and arguing about the rate). ...more

Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

Baby it's cold outside. Normally I would just stay inside but a friend of mine offered me a ticket to the Sunday night Redskins/Cowboys game a couple of weeks ago.  How could I say no to that? She asked if I wanted to tailgate. Of course I wanted to tailgate. I like tailgating almost as much as I enjoy the actual football game. Here was the problem. I grew up in Florida. In my mind tailgating a football game involves sunscreen and plenty of water so that you don't dehydrate.  ...more

I've been a southern girl for the past 12 years or so. And I'm preparing to become a ...more